A summer reminder – why is Cuan Law such a great option for Families?

Hi again. We are often asked about why Cuan Law is a good choice for families and the answers vary as much as your family does – which is one the main reasons were are so often such a good fit.

It is not easy to find a location that all ages will enjoy. The kids can get bored staying at the same spot for a week – well we don’t do that as we move as often as the group want to. Mom and Dad are maybe hankering to try some sailing, or water skiing and we do do that and the in-laws just want to soak up the sun and splash around a bit. Well, we can help with that as well.

With 10 large cabins, that can ALL be made up either either the 1 queen bed, or 2 twins there is a lot of flexibility regarding how many can join us on board. That’s right – up to 20 people all eating and hanging out together, but also with enough space to get out on deck, into the water, onto shore for strolls, or hikes and so much more. There is no lower or upper age limit on private wholeboat family trips AND you guys set the schedule. If you have potential SCUBA divers – even if they have never tried it before – we have at least 2 instructors on board to help make that happen. If you know ahead of time that SCUBA is NOT for your family than that’s 100% OK too. If you have beachcombers in the group they can get to shore every day, and if you’re worried about motion sickness, with our 3, yes 3 hulls, we are very very stable.

About food allergies… yes we have you covered and as long as as you give us some notice we will do our best to get your favorite brands of beverages on board. See you soon…?

BVI Wreck Week June 16-22, 2024

So you like gentle Wreck Diving and fun out of the water too? Well BVI Wreck Week which runs June 16 (Father’s Day) to June 22 is one to mark on your calendar.

If you can join us, Cuan Law will take you to the amazing featured wreck dives, and we will also try to coordinate as many of the above water activities for you as possible as well. Not only that, but we will do our best to be sure that you don’t miss out on a shore visit to the amazing Baths on Virgin Gorda. Even if you can’t join us on board you can still be a part of the raft of activities that week, ranging from beach clean-ups to Lion Fish tastings! We don’t normally try to tell travelers what route to get back home, but if you are already planning to be here in the BVI we recommend that you stay the night of the 22nd so that you won’t miss any of the finale at Nanny Cay.

So, about those wrecks.. well, they range from a Royal Mail steam/sail vessel, the RMS Rhone that sank in 1867, to a refugee from Pearl Harbour, the Kodiak Queen, to a refrigerator ship, the Chikuzen, that ended up beneath the waves in the late 1980’s to 2 amazing purpose-crafted Art Reefs – the result of devastation from the Hurricane Irma and Maria that swept the BVI in September 2017. All are easily accessible at less than 100ft and all vary in their state of reabsorption to the environment. All have become homes to an abundance of fish and invertebrates. Definitely worth a visit!

BVI Wreck Week 2023

Placid waters and consistent wind make the British Virgin Islands a sailing paradise. Centuries of trouble in paradise, however, have made the undersea offerings just as alluring. Dive shops, tourism officials, and conservationists hope to promote the territory’s sunken treasures with BVI Wreck Week 2023 in February. There’s plenty to see and do.

Kim Huish, of the BVI Scuba Association, said the event is meant to introduce exploration of the abundant wrecks to both new and experienced divers. “BVI diving and our wrecks are perfect for rookie divers, photographers, and also those who may be a little rusty,” Huish said. “Our relatively shallow waters are warm and we generally have good visibility, with minimal current and an abundance of variety with fish life, invertebrates, and of course the growing number of art wrecks.”

Most of the new wrecks aren’t from unfortunate mariners but from purposefully sunk vessels. Many were put down around Cooper and Peter islands, where the Willy T, once party central for thirsty boaters, rests at the sandy bottom. The Kodiak Queen may have survived the Pearl Harbor attack but the former U.S. Navy fuel barge is now something far more exotic. Outfitted with an enormous kraken, she’s been underwater art off Virgin Gorda since 2017. It’s the same year aviation and scuba enthusiasts learned the word Sharkplaneo — a gutted airplane outfitted to look like an enormous shark.

There are plenty of less-purposeful shipwrecks to explore, most in relatively shallow water, such as the famed RMS Rhone, a former British mail ship sunk off Salt Island. Its stern is in just 15 feet of water, Huish said.

Then there’s Anegada.

Just 28 feet above sea level at its highest point, with 18 miles of boat-crushing coral arching out inches below the ocean surface, Anegada is responsible for at least 200 documented shipwrecks. Many of these went down centuries ago, torn apart by time and waves. But there are still remnants to explore.

Treasure hunting, however, is strictly prohibited, said Keith Dawson, of the BVI Tourism office.

Dawson said events include plenty of land-based events for non-divers to get involved.

Events start Feb. 12 on Jost Van Dyke with a pirate party at Hendo’s Hide-Out. The week-long celebration includes coastal clean-ups, youth group meet-ups, quizzes, and fundraisers, and will highlight a Tortola Sloop presentation and demonstrations by the BVI Heritage Dancers. Wreck Week culminates with the unveiling of an environmentally friendly giant turtle sculpture designed and created by Beyond the Reef.

“We curated events and dives to tie in with that rich tradition and wanted to be sure that attendees had a chance to join the fun even if they were not on Tortola, and may not even be divers,” Huish said.

BVI Wreck Week was born as a way to promote the territory after the hurricanes of 2017, she said.

“We wanted to find a way to remind the outside world that the BVI was still here and still offering an amazing underwater experience, but with a minimal marketing budget we had to get creative,” Huish said.

More than that, calling attention to threats to coral and other undersea life is vital, she said.

“Without a thriving underwater environment our future is bleak. It is bleak worldwide, but especially so in the BVI, such a small island nation reliant on both tourism and fishing. Having a successful BVI Wreck Week is just one small step to help make the future brighter for all of us,” Huish said.

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Direct Flights to BVI from Miami Starts June 1

Direct flight from Miami to the beautiful shores of the British Virgin Islands will be here just in time for summer! Starting JUNE 1ST!
Book with American Airlines for your next holiday vacation with Cuan Law! Travelling just got so much easier 🙂

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Sunday, June 4, 2023

VISAR’s Swim & SUP is a fundraising event organized by the Virgin Islands Search and Rescue (VISAR). The event involves a 2-mile open water swim and a 2.5-mile stand-up paddleboard (SUP) race.

Participants of all skill levels are welcome to join the event that attracts both residents and tourists who are passionate about water sports and supporting a good cause. The funds raised from the event go towards VISAR’s ongoing efforts to provide search and rescue services, medical evacuations, and other critical support to the BVI community.

This annual event offers participants a unique opportunity to enjoy the beauty of the islands while contributing to a meaningful cause.

BVI Crewed Charter Vacation with Cuan Law – Guest Experience

The 3 hour beginner group lesson starts in our classroom located in the centre. We chose to have a maximum ratio of 6 students to 1 instructor, this this means we’re able to offer you plenty of personalised tips. Our theory session…

Another Wonderful Trip – BVI Diving Vacation

The 3 hour beginner group lesson starts in our classroom located in the centre. We chose to have a maximum ratio of 6 students to 1 instructor, this this means we’re able to offer you plenty of personalised tips. Our theory session…

Meet Our New Dive Instructor Sam

Sam recently joined the crew on Cuan Law and we sat down with him on charter to get to know him a bit better.

Meet Dive Instructor Sam

Tell us a little about Cornwall where you are from. 

Cornwall is a county on the south western peninsula of England and is probably most famous for it’s world renowned beaches. It has almost 700km of coastline which means lots of amazing places for water activities. I grew up in a small fishing village called Port Isaac, made famous by the tv show Doc Martin & the home of The Fisherman’s friends. Growing up there was a dream and no matter how much I travel & how many amazing places I visit I am always still drawn back there. port Isaac is and always will be my home.

What’s the first memory you have of diving?

My first memory of diving is a place called Dahab, Egypt. It was there I learnt my Open water course & immediately my advanced course. My exact memories of my training dives are slightly blurred, probably from my excitement and concentration at the time but one thing I will Never forget is my dive at “The bells to blue hole” Starting at the surface and descending down an enclosed chimney to around 25m I remember the sheer wall drop off reaching several hundred metres. Crystal clear water and the gentle current made for an unforgettable dive, one I cannot wait to do again.

What brought you to Cuan Law?

Whilst teaching diving in Thailand I met Reka who many years later became the dive instructor on Cuan Law. When a vacancy became available she remembered I had told her I was looking to work on a live aboard dive boat and I applied. Now after not seeing each other for 5 years we are working together on Cuan Law.

Your favorite dive site in the BVI and why?

I am still yet to explore every dive site here in the B.V.I’s. Who knows, maybe I never will get to explore them all, but my favourite dive so far is the wreck of the RMS Rhone. A great dive any day and especially amazing at night. So much history with the ship and an abundance of sea life makes it a must see if you come to the B.V.I’s diving.

If you could listen to just one song on a dive what would it be?

One of my favourite things about diving is the peace and quiet. Often people will ask me if there is a way to listen to music underwater and my first thought is “why would anybody want to listen to music underwater” I love to hear the popping, cracking & grunting from the fish, shrimps and other organisms on the reefs. That beats any music I could take down there I think.

Any travel or diving tips for future guests?

Hmmmm it’s hard for me to give travel advice because in my experience everybody enjoys travelling in very different ways. Some like living out of a backpack on $2 a day whilst others will spend $100,000 or more a week renting a boat. What I will say is, it doesn’t matter how you do it or where you go. The world is a big and amazing place with all sorts of crazy things happening every day. Just get out there and experience new places, people and cultures. It really is worth more than anything else in my opinion.

When you aren’t working what’s your favorite way to enjoy the day?

When I’m working it usually involves me supervising or teaching divers which means I rarely get to go fun diving just for me. As I’m still fairly new on the island I’ve been spending my spare time exploring new dive sites without the responsibility of looking after others. I love meeting new people and going on all sorts of wild adventures. To be honest if someone has a crazy adventure idea I’m usually down to go.

Besides the diving what do you enjoy most with the guests?

I enjoy chatting to the guests and getting to know them. It’s really interesting to hear their stories and to share mine. I meet a lot of new people through this line of work, often people I may never have crossed in day to day life normally. I really enjoy meeting unique people, all with different personalities, experiences & beliefs. I find it an amazing educational tool speaking to and learning from these people.

What’s your favorite island in the Bvi so far?

My favourite island is probably Jost Van Dyke. Although not known for its dive spots it does have some pretty fun bars, namely Soggy Dollar & Foxys. Also a pretty cool natural jacuzzi spot called the bubbly pool. The perfect island for those days not diving and relaxing.

Follow Sam on Cuan Law via his instagram page https://www.instagram.com/divewithsam/

My favourite dive so far is the wreck of the RMS Rhone. A great dive any day and especially amazing at night.”