BVI Diving Vacation

Whilst on board Cuan Law the diving, services of instructors and guides, tanks weights, masks, fins, snorkels and air are all complimentary. Certified divers are required to present proof of certification prior to their first dive.

PADI/SSI Courses

Whilst on board Cuan Law, why not take advantage of the wealth of expertise and experience that our dive instructors have? We offer one of the most comprehensive ranges of PADI/SSI Dive Courses in the BVI. Whether you simply wish to discover the underwater world for the very first time, continue your education or work towards a professional level of certification, the dive staff on board Cuan Law can cater for your every need.


Much of the diving in the BVIs is relatively shallow and as such it is not necessary to use Nitrox on every dive. However, it is certainly beneficial on some of the deeper wrecks such as the bow of RMS Rhone, Wreck Alley and The Chikuzen. Nitrox divers are asked to present proof of Nitrox certification and must verify their gas mix prior to each dive.

When available 32% Nitrox | $10 per fill | $120 per week

Scuba Equipment Rental

Included with your Cuan Law package are tanks (aluminum 63s, 80s and 100s), weights, belts, masks, fins, snorkels and air. If you choose to avoid the hassles of lugging heavy dive gear from home, Cuan Law offers high quality rental dive equipment onboard including regulators and BCs.

Only a dive skin is necessary for the 82F (28C) summertime water temperature and a light wet suit should be comfortable in the winter, when the water temperature drops to about 78F (25C). Neoprene wetsuits can be rented from a local dive shop when you arrive. 

“Swimmer’s ear” can be a problem in the tropics so please take precautions. Wash out your ears with fresh water after every dive. Don’t forget to bring with you a good supply of any personal medicines.

Due to regulations by American Certifying Authorities, we cannot take any Discover Scuba Diving/Resort Course divers below 40'. All certified divers must produce their 'C' card and a PADI self declaration medical form before they do their first dive with us. When you board you will asked to sign a liability release form. With advanced notice we can also offer specialized courses. Rescue Diver $250.00pp (min 2 pax) First Aid $150.00pp (min 2 pax) PIC CARD $30 All courses are plus rental if applicable.

Aqualung Regulator, Octopus and depth gauge


Regulator & BCD

$15 per day or $90 per week

Aqualung BCD with Power Inflator



$10 per tank or $120 per week

Up to 4 dives, $175. Includes instruction and gear rental

Resort Course (Discover Scuba Diving aka DSD)

Up to 4 dives, $175. Includes instruction and gear rental. Discover the hidden beauty beneath the waves. An instructor will take you through the basics, after which you will be able to enjoy 1 dive a day to a maximum depth of 40ft, under the supervision of an instructor.
4 checkout dives $250, plus SSI/PADI Pic card $40, plus gear rental if required

Open Water Referral

Having completed the theory and basic skills before coming on board, you simply present our instructors with your referral paperwork and after you complete a short knowledge review and a skills review in confined water they will then complete the final 4 checkout dives required for certification as a SSI/PADI Open Water Diver. Our most popular method of qualification, the Open Water Referral maximizes your dive time and minimizes time spent in “the classroom” whilst on vacation.
(5 dives) $200 plus SSI/PADI Pic card $40, plus gear rental if required

Advanced Open Water Certification

This continuing education course consists of 5 open water dives and exposes divers to a number of new underwater experiences. There are 2 cores dives, namely Deep and Navigation, which must be completed. The final 3 dives may be chosen from the following: Night Diving, Wreck Diving, Peak Performance Buoyancy, Underwater Naturalist, Fish Identification, Boat Diving, Underwater Photography. This is a highly recommended course which does not intrude much on your vacation as a lot the components are done during regular dives.
$150 which includes the 2 nitrox tanks

SSI/PADI Enriched Air Nitrox

Through a combination of knowledge development, practical application and 2 open water dives, the SSI/PADI Enriched Air Nitrox course is designed to provide divers with a thorough understanding of the benefits of diving with enriched air. Covering, dive planning, equipment care, hazard management and analyzing enriched air, this is a fun and rewarding course, which leads to one of the most valuable SSI/PADI certifications.
$40 per dive, per course plus SSI/PADI Pic card $40, plus gear rental if required

SSI/PADI Speciality Courses

The PADI Speciality program is designed to familiarize certified divers with the skills, knowledge, planning, organization, procedures, techniques, problems and hazards for various special-interest areas in diving. Guests may choose from an extensive list of courses including Deep Diving, Night Diving, Wreck Diving, Peak Performance Buoyancy, Underwater Navigation, Underwater Photography, Fish Identification, Underwater Naturalist. Please ask your diving instructor for further details.