A summer reminder – why is Cuan Law such a great option for Families?

Hi again. We are often asked about why Cuan Law is a good choice for families and the answers vary as much as your family does – which is one the main reasons were are so often such a good fit.

It is not easy to find a location that all ages will enjoy. The kids can get bored staying at the same spot for a week – well we don’t do that as we move as often as the group want to. Mom and Dad are maybe hankering to try some sailing, or water skiing and we do do that and the in-laws just want to soak up the sun and splash around a bit. Well, we can help with that as well.

With 10 large cabins, that can ALL be made up either either the 1 queen bed, or 2 twins there is a lot of flexibility regarding how many can join us on board. That’s right – up to 20 people all eating and hanging out together, but also with enough space to get out on deck, into the water, onto shore for strolls, or hikes and so much more. There is no lower or upper age limit on private wholeboat family trips AND you guys set the schedule. If you have potential SCUBA divers – even if they have never tried it before – we have at least 2 instructors on board to help make that happen. If you know ahead of time that SCUBA is NOT for your family than that’s 100% OK too. If you have beachcombers in the group they can get to shore every day, and if you’re worried about motion sickness, with our 3, yes 3 hulls, we are very very stable.

About food allergies… yes we have you covered and as long as as you give us some notice we will do our best to get your favorite brands of beverages on board. See you soon…?