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World Sleep Day 2020

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Happy world sleep day! We all know the increasing benefits of a good night’s sleep, but most of us still struggle to get it!  Why? Well most of us just have too much on our minds in the minutes before we go to bed. The National Sleep Foundation recommends these 3 tips to improve the quality of your sleep:

  1. Disconnect from your devices and focus on the present moment.
  2. Write out your thoughts before going to bed.
  3. Practice a relaxation technique (yoga, meditation, deep breathing, positive thoughts, muscle activation & deactivation).

Our recommendation? Join us and our specialized wellness practitioners for our Wellness Week from October 25th-31st, 2020 to learn practical and useful tips to improve your sleep, decrease your stress and take your life to another level!

Lunch is Served!
Every day a delicious lunch is served buffet style. Today’s highlight is a self-serve sandwich buffet. It starts with your choice of French baguettes, or sliced breads from the local bakery. Add from a variety of cold-cuts, and selection of cheeses. Next comes the sliced veggie tray with traditional tomatoes and lettuce, to avocado, sprouts, gherkin pickles, and sweet red onions. Finish off your masterpiece with mustard, mayo, or toppings custom made by our chef. Just because your sandwich is made, doesn’t mean the feast has finished. Add to your plate from some amazing salads like grilled tomato & egg, or artichoke with sun-dried tomatoes, or try a Caribbean green salad tossed with sliced red and green grapes and radishes. Every buffet has a dish of the finest fresh fruits; chilled, sliced, diced and waiting for you. Finish your meal with some fresh baked chocolate chip coookies… YUM!

BVI Hiking – with Cuan Law

One of the most amazing things about vacationing with Cuan Law is the variety of activities available! Not only do you get an incredible sailing experience on the water, but you also have access to some breath-taking land experiences.  So if you’re one of those people who love to stretch their legs, then lace up your joggers because here are three popular hikes that you don’t want to miss!

Salt Island
Salt Island is mostly scrub brush, with a few cacti and the occasional bush. It presents an enjoyable afternoon hike, with an easy walk around the salt ponds, or a moderate climb up the hillsides to give a view of the ponds and the ocean. The south shore is a rugged cliff coastline, battered by ocean waves, while the north shore slopes to a lovely beach and sheltered bay where we often anchor.

Peter Island
Peter Island is covered with brush and trees. There is an abandoned estate house (the Chubb family of Chubb Security fame) situated overlooking Little Harbour, and we often take guests ashore for an hour hike up and around the estate. A walking path makes the estate still accessible. Hiking off the trail and through the bush would be difficult, but it is possible.

Virgin Gorda
Virgin Gorda’s vegetation is lusher, and what you would expect from a tropical rainforest climate. There are many paths around the island that make hiking easy, but in most places, it is not possible to leave the path and venture into the forest.

Sailing Sundays Son of a Gun


Son of a gun
We just can’t get enough of these sayings that are so unexpectedly connected to sailing. Therefore, we have one more interesting fact for you, and this one is related to the saying “son of a gun”.  Nowadays, the exclamation is perceived as an affectionate way of addressing or referring to someone. However, in lesser days, when women used to be smuggled on board ships, they would often get pregnant, and if the passage took longer than expected, they needed to give birth right then and there, on the boat. This would usually happen between the cannons on the gun deck. If the child wasn’t claimed by one of the passengers or sailors, it was entered in the ship’s log as being “the son of a gun.”

Click here for our latest news on BVI reopening. We are already running trips and can’t wait to welcome you safely back onboard! Updated April 1, 2021.