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Explore the BVI by boat on Cuan Law and discover untouched tropical paradises!

Did you know that there are thousands of beautiful small islands that are generally considered unavailable to tourists? No flights or cruises are going there. The only way to reach these unspoiled lands is by boat or helicopter. From exotic species and authentic villages to serene beaches and lush nature. Places like this feel like personal heaven for everyone that is fortunate enough to visit them. Luckily, as a sailor, you have the fantastic opportunity to visit these hidden gems.

While the British Virgin Island consists of nearly 60 islands, only 3 are reachable by airplane. To get to the rest you must go by water. The Cuan Law can visit any of the beautiful Caribbean islands. Ask our highly knowledgeable crew and Captain for island recommendations and the chance to visit them!

Cuan Law can reach speeds of up to 14 knots!

The average sailboat cruises at about 4-6 knots, (4-7 mph or 7-11 km/h) and has a top speed of 9 knots (10 mph or 17 km/h). It’s just not that fast. That isn’t to say there aren’t any quick boats: they can be incredibly fast. Especially the multihulls, which have to displace a lot less water. They can go up to 50 knots (almost 60 mph or 93 km/h).

Most sailboats are slow because they are small (under 20′) – and the hull speed is directly related to the length of the boat. Longer sailboats are faster.

Cuan Law, with her three hulls, a length at the waterline of just over 29 meters, and 500 square meters of sail, has been able to reach up to 14 knots. Pretty impressive for a 36-tonne vessel!

So how is a sailboat able to go around the world in under 75 days? Well, they go on all day and night. Also, traveling on the water allows you to go in straight lines more often than on land!

Whether you’re well-traveled and used to packing for trips to all corners of the globe or you’re about to take your first out-of-country flight, knowing what to pack (and how) can be essential to actually enjoy your trip! Now, we’re not too sure about trips around the globe, or where you specifically are coming from, but we do know that to have an AMAZING experience with Cuan Law, there are 10 essential items to have with you. These are 10 items that we (and all of our guests) have found to be crucial to having a good time!

  1. A swimsuit! Never mind clothes – you wore some on the plane, right?! You can’t come to the breathtaking and beautiful British Virgin Islands and not get into the ocean, known for being a top dive site in the world, at least once!
  2. Okay, maybe some shorts and t-shirts/tanks. Just because you’ll need something dry to change into for supper time. While you’re at it, consider quick-drying layers. Yup, you’ll be on a boat in the Caribbean, and yes, the boat will be sailing. If you’ve ever been sailing before, you’d know that you can sometimes get a little wet! Between the waves splashing up on the deck, the spontaneous rain showers that take place for exactly 10 minutes at the same time every day and the steady, summer heat causing you to sweat just thinking about working out, you’ll want some clothing layers that are quick-drying and well ventilated. Our general recommendation for this is a polyester/cotton blend of 60/40. These fabrics dry within just a few hours hanging indoors and even less time when outdoors.
  3. A camera. If you enjoy photography and have a DSLR, bring it! You will leave with days worth of shots that are magazine-worthy! Photos of fish, birds, boats, sand, beaches, waves, stars, sunsets, sunrises and more!
  4. Speaking of the sun – we’d recommend a hat, sunglasses, and some (reef-friendly) sunscreen because no one wants to ruin their time in the sun looking like a piece of sea coral that’s been plucked from its cozy home in the ocean!
  5. A water bottle. We offer unlimited, freshwater on the boat, available for drinking – ice cubes included! But who wants to run back and forth to the water jugs to fill up every few minutes when they’ve worked their way through their cup? Bring a water bottle with you, so you can fill up and enjoy ice-cold water for hours, before returning for a top-up, while you relax on the beach, lounge on the top deck, socialize on the back deck or get your heart pumping with the water sports!
  6. Running shoes – we’re guessing that you’re the adventurous type. Good thing, too, because the BVIs offer a wonderful selection of short hikes on the various islands, beaches and salt mines that you do not want to miss!
  7. Lip balm. There’s nothing worse when you’re on vacation and your lips are dry, chapped and peeling. Okay – there are worse things – but this is definitely uncomfortable. Just like we recommend sun protection with a hat and sunglasses, lip balm can really help you enjoy your time away and is often overlooked when packing.
  8. Basic Toiletries. We make your stay comfortable by providing you with freshly laundered towels, face cloths, shampoo, conditioner, hand soap, and body soap! Our hygiene products are all made locally on the island of natural ingredients and are surf-friendly (meaning they aren’t going to harm the sealife you’ve come to explore)! But be sure to bring your toothbrush, toothpaste, hairbrush and any other basic toiletries that are important to you being comfortable. When possible, we ask that you are conscious of how the chemicals in your products may affect marine life.
  9. Phone protector & charger. Forgetting your charger for your phone is a low blow when you’re relying on your phone for photos. Don’t miss out on photos of the last half of your trip because you forgot your charger. Worse, though, is to have your phone damaged by dropping it into the waves when walking on the beach or climbing out of the tender and onto the boat. Bring a protective case or bag for your phone!
  10. Lastly – and if we had to say, this is the most important and essential item to bring along. Your enthusiasm! You are traveling to a Caribbean paradise aboard the world’s largest sailing trimaran and will be enjoying some of the most exquisite sights of mountainous terrain, white beaches, blue-green oceans, and colourful wild-life beneath the foamy ocean surface. Bring your enthusiasm, so that no matter what experience or adventure awaits, you are up-and-at-’em!

Now, it’s okay if you missed a few of these when packing. You’re still going to have an incredible time – seriously! If you forgot something, feel free to ask the crew and they will do what they can to accommodate you and ensure that your stay is comfortable and exceeds your expectations. Our crew is ready to make your stay on Cuan Law an unforgettable experience!


Trade Winds

The term “trade winds” originally derive from the early fourteenth century late Middle English word “trade,” meaning “path” or “track.”

The captain of a sailing ship seeks a course along which the winds can be expected to blow in the direction of travel. During the Age of Sail, the pattern of prevailing winds made various points of the globe easy or difficult to access, and therefore had a direct effect on European empire-building and thus on modern political geography.

By the 18th century, the importance of the trade winds to England’s merchant fleet for crossing the Atlantic Ocean had led both the general public and etymologists to identify the name with a later meaning of “trade”: “(foreign) commerce”.


Click here for our latest news on BVI reopening. We are already running trips and can’t wait to welcome you safely back onboard! Updated April 27, 2021.