Scuba Gear Rental

Your Cuan Law package includes tanks, weights, belts, masks, fins, snorkels and air. If you choose to avoid the inconvenience of hauling heavy dive gear from home, Cuan Law offers high quality rental dive equipment, including regulators and BCs - these need to be booked in advance.

A dive skin is all that is needed for the 82°F (28°C) summertime water temperature but a light wetsuit would be desirable in the winter, when the water temperature drops to abround 78°F (25°C). Skins and wetsuits can be rented when you arrive from a local dive shop.

Equipment rental rates are as follows:

Regulator with octopus, pressure and depth gauge ... $50 /wk
Jacket BC with power inflator ... $40 /wk
Rental for both - Daily rate ... $15 /day
Skins and wetsuits - available from local dive shops ... market price
(Was just can’t carry the variety of body sizes needed)

Cuan Law Rental Diving Equipment