Our Tenders

Most of our activities, including diving, involve the use of our two custom designed, 21ft, 115hp, four-cycle rigid hull inflatable boats. These are accessed via a wide stairway with sturdy handrails leading to a large platform where the tender is secured between the platform and the boat's hull. This is the safest and most stable method in the live-aboard world.

Carpet on all the tubes, the steps and the flat floor ensure a safe grip for wet feet. All cameras and gear are handed down separately to avoid any spills.

Getting back into the tender from the water is simple. An angled sturdy stainless steel ladder with wooden steps descends down from the transom, extending about 4ft below the surface, with several convenient grab handles making your water exit safe and easy. Our inflatables are always manned throughout the duration of dives, so you are always assured of a quick pickup, no matter where you surface. Because we have two tenders, we can provide different activities simultaneously.

The tenders are also available for beach for shore expeditions and towed water sports like water skiing.

Cuan Law tender rigid inflateable
Cuan Law almost always anchors in calm, protected water and since the dive tenders glide conveniently into "parking spaces" on each side of Cuan Law's center hull, boarding is easy.