Diving Conditions in the BVI

diving the BVI

Most of the dives are not deep or demanding, though for the experienced we have a selection of challenging dives. There are some deep sites in the BVI but most of the diving is shallower than 80 feet. Surface conditions are normally quite calm. The 8-10 inch tidal range doesn't normally generate fast currents. You can be certain of enjoyable diving with the Cuan Law any time of year.

You'll see a year's worth of fish, critters and coral no matter where you dive. The British Virgin Islands are known for the amazing diversity of reef fish - pick up a fish identification book for the Caribbean and you can find almost everything in the book here!

All the waters are protected under the British Virgin Islands' National Parks Trust who works in association with the BVI Dive Operators to protect the natural richness of the reefs. Several special areas receive extra protection as Marine Parks, such as the wreck of the Rhone. This allows divers enjoy healthy reefs with an vast array of fish.

The range of visibility is normally 60 to 100 feet, with occasional days of 120 feet or more at certain dive sites. The water temperature is consistently between 78°F and 82°F throughout year. Aboard Cuan Law, plush skins are the favored apparel but a light wetsuit will probably be needed in winter, particularly if you 'feel the cold'.

There are literally dozens of dive sites in the British Virgin Islands, many visited uniquely by Cuan Law. With more than 45 years of diving in the BVI, Duncan has discovered many of the established sites and we has a number of places only visited by the Cuan Law.